April Supporter kit update


Staff member
May 18, 2020
United Kingdom
Hey everyone!

Its that time again! Time for new kits to rise and shine!

This months kits are fantastic. We hope that you'll love them!

MC Eternal: Yer a wizard Electrobob !

FTB Revelation: Draconic revelations

SevTech: Ages Of The Sky: Abyssal Beginnings

RLCraft: Dragons R Us

PO3: Tinkers delight

Omnifactory: Storage methodology

Chroma Technology: Astral Beginnings

For more information regarding the Supporter kits and their contents you can head over to our Google Spreadsheet

To gain access to our supporter kits, you must be a monthly or lifetime supporter of the network!

We hope you all had a fabulous Easter and are enjoying your time on the network!!

Happy gaming everyone!