December Monthly Vote Winners


Staff member
Apr 28, 2019
United Kingdom
I would like to congratulate all players who have received keys and rewards through voting this month. Overall we recieved 5103 votes from 518 players which is another large increase compared to last month. We have six consistent voters who have earned the place as top voters for December, and will receive the following rewards:

:1st-place-medal: @doomjunyu has voted 79 times and have received 1 month of Comet, 8 Chunkloading Credits and 8192 Claimblocks.

:2nd-place-medal: Anty_C, Redshirt_si and OMadRabbit have all voted 75 times and have received 1 month of Asteroid 4 Chunkloading Credits and 4096 Claimblocks.

:3rd-place-medal: @Devil_Advocate02 and @CDPlayuur have both voted 74 times and have received 1 month of Meteorite, 90 XP Levels and 4096 Claimblocks.

Note: Many of our supporters here are already supporting at an equal or higher level of the rank that they are receiving. They will still receive these ranks as a fallback if their paid-supporter ranks were to expire. Thanks! 🎉