Tutorial How often will there be a server reset?


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Apr 28, 2019
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Overworld: We will not be resetting overworlds often and willingly. Resets of the entire server will either be due to a full rework of the server or an issue which was unfixable through a backup. Certain updates of modpacks may require the world to be reset. If this were to happen, we would open a public discussion about the server and whether you would want that. This will not be a normal occurance

Other Dimensions: Currently, only the end will be reset at every restart. This means that you should not leave any items in the dimensions that you will want to keep after the next restart. We cannot offer any refunds for any items lost, sadly. Other dimensions such as the Nether, Bedrock Dimension, Twilight Forest and Compact Machines will not be receiving a reset.
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