Tutorial I keep having frame rate drops!


Staff member
Apr 28, 2019
United Kingdom
Commonly this is because your Minecraft is out of RAM to use. You can check this in the top right in the F3 menu. To fix this there's either 3 options.

1) Reduce your render distance, the less your client has to draw, the less memory it uses!

2) Allocate more RAM to your minecraft, this will tell java that it can use more RAM then the normal values minecraft gives them. Of course you can't allocate more RAM than you have. To allocate more RAM go to the JVM arguments section in Minecraft's Launch options tab and add see if there's something that says -Xmx and a number (eg. -Xmx1G) if there isn't you can go ahead and type it yourself. if you want to allocate 4 gigabytes, you would type -Xmx4G or you could use M instead of G to specify how many megabytes, compared to gigabytes.

3) Use our very own modpack launcher! Not only does it make it easy to update your modpacks only when the servers are updated too, we have designed a very special way to handle RAM usage which automatically makes it use the RAM it needs (so no need to allocate it yourselves, this will only make it less efficient) but also makes it need less. Be sure to have the right java version though!