Tutorial I would like to vote, how can I do that?


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Apr 28, 2019
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Voting for ModRealms is one of the best ways for you to show your support, if you are unable to purchase a package on the store. When you vote, you will gain a random crate key that can be opened by going to the market server (/market). You can view your key balances by running /bal

Voting Link 1: https://ftbservers.com/server/qV75biQg/vote

Voting Link 2: https://minecraft-mp.com/server/191432/vote/

Crate Key Chances:
Common: 75%
Uncommon: 15%
Rare: 8%
Legendary: 2%

Upgrading Keys:
When you gain 4 of a certain type of key, you will be prompted with a [Convert] button besides the key. When this is shown, you can click it, and you will receive 1 key of the tier above, in return for 4 of your current keys. For example, if you had 4 Common Keys you can convert those into 1 Uncommon Key.
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