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Aug 26, 2019
ingame name: dangerbombs
staff member who banned me: TheFlash787
date of ban:26/8/19

ban reason:flying with increased speed
rule broken:hacking
why do i think i should be unbanned: my brother was the one who installed the client and i have now removed the client(ForgeWurst)
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Apr 28, 2019
United Kingdom
Hey! Firstly, thank you for creating an appeal.

I respect that you admitted you were hacking, for which we have proof of. However, you should have been a lot more responsible to ensure that your account is properly password-protected, especially if you are using a shared computer. We cannot confirm ourselves that it was actually your brother who installed the client and I'm going to explain further as to why we unfortunately will not be allowing you to play as part of our community anymore.

You have also been doing this over a period of time (not just today) and have been caught on many different occassions teleporting to other areas of the world (using your client) and have been seen entering peoples bases looking inside of chests (claimed or not). You also have a home set ('person') at a particular player's base which you teleported to instantly when you had been under attack by many mobs, which you then flew out of (using your client), and teleported back home.

We understand that your brother may well have been the person who installed the client, however you proceeded to use it (on multiple occassions) whilst you were fully aware that it was installed.

Therefore I regret to inform you that you we cannot allow you to play on our servers.
Thank you.
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