ModRealms Launcher Now running v2.2.0-release!


Staff member
Apr 28, 2019
United Kingdom
Hey! So this one was a night's work to improve quite a few things with the launcher, including snappiness, bug fixes and quality of life changes. If you're not already using our launcher, you can grab the newest version here! Read all about it below!

Changes from 2.1.3-pre.1:
  • Fixed the crash report listener typo, triggering when the pack hasn't crashed.
  • Starting to save the hash of the downloaded distribution for a future speed enchancement.
  • Removed the 75% or so memory allocation hardcap. Go wild! (pls dont)
  • Fixed the client auto-allocating 8GB for all clients, regardless of their memory size. Oops.
  • Since there's no cap, I've added some more information to the memory disclaimer.
New Changes:
  • Added a button under 'Data Directory' allowing you to open the launcher's data directory quickly, no need to go through appdata anymore.
  • The launcher now supports reading from a development deploy folder, so that I can do pack testing without breaking the live build.
  • Added a logger constant to AssetGuard, just for debugging purposes.
  • Removed the 'New!' news text and replaced it with a cleaner red underline. The bottom bar was getting a little noisy.
  • The refresh button will now spin until the refresh has completed, as a nice little indicator.
  • Cleaned up the media (settings, refresh, etc) html code, so that it was easier to work with and more reliable.**
  • Added a new button on the landing page, allowing you to open up the folder for the currently selected modpack. Super handddyyy.
  • Added tooltips to the top three settings icons in the landing screen.
  • Decreased pretty much all of the fade in/out transition times, giving the launcher a much snappier feel in the menus and overlays.
  • A downside of hash validation is that it can get quite slow for some players if there are lots of files. Therefore, I have disabled the file hash validation for Minecraft's resource assets since they are likely not to be touched after first download (if they don't alreaady exist). This cuts out 1.2k+ hash checks upon each modpack startup, and should dramatically increase actual startup* times for a handful of players!
* The time it takes for your client to start launching, after clicking play.
** This involves some minor colouring tweaks when hovering over the icons.