ModRealms Launcher Now running v2.2.2-release!


Staff member
Apr 28, 2019
United Kingdom
Hey! I hope you're all having a wonderful start to this week! This update contains quite a few random fixes, tweaks and adjustments to improve the overall usage of the launcher. It also catches a new crash that occurs before the window opens up, so that you can be more aware when this crash has occured. It introduces some halloween themed images too! If you are not already using our launcher, you can install the latest version from here.


  • Fixed a bug where opening the instance folder would error if you hadn't installed the pack.
  • The 'PLAY' button text will now show as 'INSTALL & PLAY' if you haven't got the pack already locally installed.
  • Added some new halloween-themed images and removed the factory and summery images. If you have any 1920x1080 screenshots you would like to submit, please open a ticket on our Discord!
  • Adjusted the 'Done. Enjoy the server!' text to 'Your modpack is now launching... \nEnjoy the server!' so that you are more aware that your pack will start launching.
  • Added a new startup crash listener, so that you will know when your game has crashed before the window has opened up. Previously, if your client crashed before the window had opened up, your launcher wouldn't react to it and you needed to restart the launcher to try again.
  • To add onto the previous change, I'm ensuring that the process is killed if it crashes before the window opens up. I discovered that if the client crashed before opening up, there would be lingering JVM processes eating some memory.
Thank you! :red-heart: