ModRealms Launcher Now running v2.3.0-release!


Staff member
Apr 28, 2019
United Kingdom
Hey! This one is somewhat monumental, because it's the first release to include our very own Rest API which allows us to use information from our databases easily, such as active server information and display them to you in many more areas than before. Long story short, this update adds two new spooky backgrounds from Vixen and introduces a new tooltip that appears when you hover over the player-count, displaying all of our servers and whether they are online or not, including a playercount for each server! This now allows you to view our server status from your own launcher, so you can see whether you are joining a popular time of day!

  • Aside from the additions mentioned above, I have also changed our crash-report listener to actively watch your crash reports directory instead of looking for crashes in the log file, this will result in your crashes being detected much more efficiently and accurately.
  • The 'Mojang Status' and 'Players' text have been switched around to compensate for the larger tooltip.

I hope you enjoy this new feature and the wonderful new background.

Thanks! ❤