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Apr 28, 2019
At ModRealms we have our own custom Chunkloading plugin made in-house. However that means the system may take a bit to get used to, luckily it was made to be fairly easy once you have a handle on using the system. This will be split into three sections to cover the options in our Chunkloading GUI fully.

To begin with, you will want to check your balance using /menu, and change to the chunkloading credit balance by clicking the diamond. this will show you the amount of chunkloading credits you have amongst other things. If your don't have any credits, you can donate to receive credits or purchase them directly at https://store.modrealms.net/. You will also need some orbs to spare if you plan on having the Chunkloaders load while you are offline.
Note: We are a community funded network, so your support goes straight into the maintenance and upkeep of the servers.

Once you have credits, you can open the chunkloading menu with /menu and change to the chunkloading credit balance by clicking the diamond. In this menu you will see three different options, New Chunkloader, Chunkloading Boosters and Your Chunkloaders respectively:

New Chunkloader
The first option available is to create a new chunkloader, on the next screen you will see options to choose the size of the chunkloader (1x1, 3x3, 5x5 or 7x7):

Note that the size is relative to where you are standing, so a 3x3 chunkloader will be configured like this expertly created diagram:

After you chose a size, in this case a 3x3, you will see the confirmation screen. Here you can either confirm the creation of the Chunkloader or cancel the creation. Note that in the middle of the two options you can review the selection you've made and you will see the size and the credit cost before you attempt to complete the process.

Chunkloading Boosters
Once you have created your Chunkloader, it will be activated immediately and will start chunkloading. Chunkloaders will remain active and loading while you are on the server in which they were created, however if you want the chunkloading to continue after leaving the server you will need to purchase Chunkloading Boosters. These boosters will allow the Chunkloaders to remain on for the duration of the booster.

Once you're in the chunkloading menu and choosing New Booster, you will be able to choose a duration for the booster, ranging from 1 hour to 24 hours. For this example we will choose a 1 hour booster, after that you can choose how many days you want the booster to be active for, we will choose a 1 day duration. What this means is once you log out, you will have an extra hour of chunkloading for 1 day, after which the Chunkloaders will be turned off upon disconnecting from the server. If you chose 5 day duration the Chunkloader would remain on 1 hour after you log off everyday for 5 days.

Once again the last screen will give you a chance to confirm or cancel the purchase and you can use the option in the middle to see the orb cost, expiration date and activation duration:

Once you confirm the purchase a message will appear in chat letting you know that it was successful:

Note: You can have multiple boosters at once, only one will be used at a time, once one booster runs out another will be activated automatically.

Note: If you have a donator rank, you will have offline-loading time by default, which will not expire, unlike boosters. If you have a booster, it will stack on top of your donator time:
Star - 1 Hour
Meteorite - 4 Hours
Asteroid - 12 Hours
Comet - 24 Hours
Cosmos - 72 Hours
Example: If you were supporting us with the Star rank, you will have 1 Hour offline loading. If you purchased a 4 hour booster, you will have 5 hours offline loading until your booster expires after the duration chosen, where you will go back to 1 hour offline loading.

Your Chunkloaders
The last option from the chunkloading menu is to view your current Chunkloaders. Hovering over the entries will show you the size of the Chunkloader and the server in which the Chunkloader is currently active. If you click on the entry a message will appear in chat with detailed information about the Chunkloader:

From this message you can delete the Chunkloader or teleport to the center of the chunk, if you'd prefer to travel there yourself you can use the coordinates provided.

That's it! One final thing to note is that you can get orbs to purchase boosters from voting rewards, the tutorial on voting and rewards can be found here: https://modrealms.net/forum/index.php?threads/what-are-orbs-used-for-how-do-i-gain-them.37/


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