Tutorial What are orbs used for? How do I gain them?


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Apr 28, 2019
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On ModRealms, we have a custom 'premium' currency called Orbs. These can be accessed on any server by running the /bal command. Orbs can be used to purchase join/leave messages, purchasing items/blocks in /adminshop and for chunkloading boosters. We plan to expand the use of orbs as time goes on and we will update this thread accordingly.

How do I gain orbs?
The primary way to gain orbs is by voting. You can also earn them through competitions and such, but they cannot be purchased from the store with hard currency. Depending on the tier of key you earn, you will gain a certain number of orbs.

Common: 5 Orbs
Uncommon: 20 Orbs
Rare: 50 Orbs
Legendary: 100 Orbs
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