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Tutorial Who pays for the costs of this server? / I want to support you, how can I do that?


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Apr 28, 2019
I (TheFlash787) pay for the server directly, however all costs are 100% funded from network donations. When the server bills have been paid, funds go towards further development and other payments that are made in favour of ModRealms. If you would like to show your support to the network, you can purchase a rank or package on our store.

What can I gain with a rank?
All of our ranks are monthly which means that you pay each month for access of your rank and perks (they are cancellable at any time). All of our ranks provide a small quality of life boost when on our servers, without violating the EULA too much. Some of these perks include teleport features (/back), a bypass for certain cooldowns and warmups, /heal and /feed and many other features to make your gameplay more enjoyable. You can view all of the perks by clicking on the ranks here. All of our ranks are progressive. This means that for a higher rank you purchase, some abilities you gain have an upgrade to the same ability in the previous rank before. For example, the Star (£2.50) rank gains /back. However it will have cooldowns and warmups. If you upgraded to Meteorite (£5.00), you will bypass that warmup and Asteroid (£10.00) will bypass the cooldown, therefore allowing full access to the command for that rank and above.

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