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No longer allowing posts on my profile. If you wish to get my attention, please tag me in the thread whose content requires it. Dec 8, 2015

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Oct 5, 2017
    1. Dec 8, 2015 Rob
      No longer allowing posts on my profile. If you wish to get my attention, please tag me in the thread whose content requires it.
    2. Dec 6, 2015 realfoxypirate
      rob i'm having a problem where i'm not getting my tokens when i vote on tekkit legends 1 help please
    3. Dec 6, 2015 matthewhsproctor
      hey rob sorry to bother Agentcreepyender said the powersuits are banned because of what they cause? Well I still have the items in my inventory and in my base so I cant join the tekrealms 2 server sorry to bother can you help out my name on here is mt IGN name thanks
      1. Agentcreepyender
        Agentcreepyender Dec 6, 2015
    4. Dec 6, 2015 Rob
      Portal page and Minecraft Account Association fixed! :D
    5. Dec 5, 2015 Puffdragon23
      Hey, I could really use your help, me and a friend are unable to log into the server due to a bugged block in our base, we are sure it is the block and not anything else as it only occurs when within range of this block and we have tried changing texture packs and reinstalling. Get back to me if you could help.
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      2. Rob
        Rob Dec 5, 2015
        Issue resolved. Your base seems fine now. Let me know!
      3. Puffdragon23
        Puffdragon23 Dec 5, 2015
        Fixed thanks!!! I'm sure my friend will be glad to hear the problem is resolved. Were the rest of the decos causing problems too? feel bad that her bowl of candy and stuff is gone.
      4. Rob
        Rob Dec 6, 2015
        To fix the issue we had to remove DecoCraft from the server, thus all items from that mod are gone. Its back now though.
    6. Dec 4, 2015 realfoxypirate
      I have this problem on tekkit legends where I just voted and I have no tokens help
      I even got a bonus but no tokens
      1. Agentcreepyender
        Agentcreepyender Dec 4, 2015
        You need to go to hub atleast once before you vote and the name you use when you vote has to be exactly like your ign name caps included
    7. Dec 4, 2015 realfoxypirate
      how can I apply
      1. Agentcreepyender
        Agentcreepyender Dec 4, 2015
        If you mean staff it's in assistant application tab
      2. realfoxypirate
        realfoxypirate Dec 4, 2015
    8. Dec 2, 2015 SultanofGames
      Could you add my chunkloader in space A please i purchased from the store thanks ign sultanofgames
    9. Nov 29, 2015 Timer_RaiDer
      Need help plz
      1. Rob
        Rob Nov 29, 2015
      2. leonwhite
        leonwhite Nov 30, 2015
        his inventory is corrupt
    10. Nov 28, 2015 DeathKiller5298
      Rob I was on earlier and it said i was on for 11 hours and 45 minutes then when I got on just now it said I played for 4 hours!! Plz get back to me and this is on tekkit legends!
      1. Agentcreepyender
        Agentcreepyender Nov 28, 2015
        I changed your rank and your friend for Afk pooling multiple times you were warned three times and you were kicked for it so your rank was changed
    11. Nov 27, 2015 Minermandoesmc
      Hey rob can you get jordy cus I love the crundee craft.server but I have been greifed and stolen pls help
      1. Joorrddy
        Joorrddy Nov 27, 2015
    12. Nov 26, 2015 Klayton/TheCouz
      Hey Rob I play very frequently on Sky Fac 2 I have Been really Mad at it for weeks now i would like to talk to u in game or on comments please it is a very important matter ok? please try respont fast if u can Ty from Klayton/TheCouz
      1. Rob
        Rob Nov 26, 2015
        Submit a ticket in-game or post a thread in the SkyRealms section.
      2. Klayton/TheCouz
        Klayton/TheCouz Nov 26, 2015
        Rob it is worse than that kudo has refused to help me
        i have no idea why i have been on for 7 days on 2 acccounts combined he is my friend and he will not help ive tryed tickets they do not work i need ur help please
      3. Rob
        Rob Nov 26, 2015
    13. Nov 23, 2015 Fearkiller124
      Hello I heard you have been looking for staff members and i was wondering if i could apply? ,Thank you
      1. Agentcreepyender
        Agentcreepyender Nov 23, 2015
        Everyone is able to apply but you should raise your playtime as their looking for players who's been on for certain hour and knows the rules
    14. Nov 21, 2015 Elitebrunzy
      Rob we have a team member in are clan called Elitelupus (my brother) he doesn't come on any more and he said it is acceptable for us to take his claim but he hasn't been on because he is now bored of tekkit so I was wondering if you can delete his claim so we can claim it? Thanks Elitebrunzy
    15. Nov 17, 2015 Lolkiller64
      Hey, is something going on with the Tekkit Legends Server? I time out every time...
      1. Rob
        Rob Nov 18, 2015
        May have been network issues? Is it ok now?
      2. Lolkiller64
        Lolkiller64 Nov 20, 2015
        Hmm, it was working just fine last Wednesay, but it started again today.
    16. Nov 17, 2015 SirWoz
      I do not like bothering others much but I have been without basic permissions since last night and would like my pex profile fixed thank you.
    17. Nov 17, 2015 Tekkaneer
      i have just been griefed by domenicoboss and epjoker98 and they have taken my flower power now to show proof agentcreeper also known as ender gave me it my minecraft name is deathslinger29 plz help me :(
    18. Nov 16, 2015 cossacksman
      Hey Rob, just a heads up the network has died and there's nobody around to deal with it, it seems; not sure what caused it exactly.
      1. Joorrddy
        Joorrddy Nov 16, 2015
        Should be fixed now
      2. cossacksman
        cossacksman Nov 16, 2015
        All good, thanks for that
    19. Nov 14, 2015 benton
      i want to be a staff how can i become one or can you make me a staff member i love the tekkit1 sever and i will be on daily and my mine craft name is benton1213
      1. Bolsward1
        Bolsward1 Nov 15, 2015
    20. Nov 7, 2015 Rulon
      hey rob i need some help getting back to my base
      1. Rulon
        Rulon Nov 7, 2015
        can't get back but thebegotten and I share a base (if that helps)
      2. Rob
        Rob Nov 8, 2015
        Please submit a ticket in-game and a staff member will deal with it as soon as possible.
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